Gumi-chanProject Ltd.

 KAZUMI AKAOを中心に複数のスタッフで「Gumi-chan」の世界を作っています。
 発案・ストーリーの原案・人形の制作担当のKAZUMI AKAOをはじめ、全体のプロデュース・キャラクターデザイン・ジオラマ制作担当のNOBUHIKO YOSHIMITSUの2名で運営しております。

 さらに外部スタッフとして、撮影担当のYOSIHIKO TANAKA、オート三輪や火の見櫓を作成した鉄工ジオラマ担当の村上正氏、ミニチュア洋裁担当のTaka-Mi氏、ミニチュア小物担当のアトリエCHIKAKO、YUKA氏など多くの協力者によって成り立っています。


代表取締役 吉光信彦


 Born 16th January, 1961 in Obama, Fukui.

 Began career as a doll maker in 1990 after deciding that she wanted to create something solid and 3 dimensional to represent the modern jazz era of the 1950's and 60's. Since 2003 Kazumi has been using her own childhood as inspiration behind the mise en scene "Gumi chan", showing a slice of suburban life in the Japan of 1961.

 Coming through a long economic depression and still suffering from the effects of the natural disaster of 2011, Kazumi feels that Japanese people have lost their habitual happy spirits and have been profoundly affected in many ways. This is something she sees not only in Japan but in each country around the world and she wonders, "Am I the only one who feels the world has lost something important, that it is full of lonely people?"

 As one way of making people happy again, Kazumi decided to create her Gumi chan stories. The Japan of 1961 was a place of hope, with WWII finally over and the people, having lost everything in the war, are 16 years into their efforts to start over, to rebuild their lives and their nation from rubble. It was a time of optimism, with the economy undergoing huge growth and people beginning to dream of creating a better society. It was a year of hope and happiness. Everyone helped one another, and shared a common bond. Kazumi dreams of recreating this happy time of neighbourliness and co-operation.




 Born 16th August, 1968 in Kobe, Hyogo.

 Worked since his late 20s as a graphic designer, firstly for an advertising agency and then as a freelancer. Assisted on the Gumi chan project with production, character design, scene building and georama. Today Nobuhiko is working towards further enhancing the way Kazumi Akao's Gumi chan sees the world.



 Born 8th September, 1978 in Fukuoka.

 Photographer who has worked as cameraman for photographic studios and publishers and became freelance in 2004. Has been photographing Gumi chan and her exploits since 2006.
 Sees the "light and shade" of photographs as being on a vertical axis which, if turned on its side, would become "stillness and movement". Yoshihiko is particularly adept at photographing live musical events and miniature gardens.